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About Us

Namforce Life Insurance Limited (Namforce) is a life insurance company. The company was granted its Long-Term License in 2017. The purpose and aim of Namforce is to provide financial services to clients in the life insurance sector.

About us

The first fully Namibian owned Insurance provider

Namforce Life Insurance Limited (Namforce) is a life insurance company. The company was granted its Long-Term License in 2017. The purpose and aim of Namforce is to provide financial services to clients in the life insurance sector.


Individual Life

Your well-being, health and success are a priority to us, which is why we ensure that your family is taken care of when you are physically unable to do it. We aim to provide what is best for your future and your loved ones.

Group Life

Our Life Cover can be offered on a group basis as well. For example, employers that would want to provide a whole life cover to their employees as part of occupational retirement scheme risk benefits.


We aim to ease financial constrains by providing Funeral Cover for you and your family in an event of death.


Our Disability Plan gives you flexibiliy, either through lump-sum or monthly payments if you become disabled, depending on the type of cover you select. You can add a Disability Benefit on your Life Cover.

Credit Life

Applying for credit protection couldn't be easier! The Credit Life benefit protects the member and their family in times of financial need and assists with the repayment of their outstanding loan amounts.

Savings And Investments

Our flexible Investment accounts ere designed to help you achieve your goals by saving for university, retirement, or maybe you would like to save for your wedding.

Our Mission

To provide financial protection to our clients through innovation and exceptional service.

Our Vision

To be a leading financial solutions provider.

Core Values

Short description about NamForce Core Values.


Martin Shaanika

Principal Officer & Managing Director

Hitjiua Tjiho

Manager Legal & Company Secretary

Tertu Mutota

Manager Finance

Hofni Paulus

Manager Sales and Distribution,Operations

Petrus Shifidi


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These are the frequently asked questions.

    • NDF Group Scheme provides risk cover to members of the NDF. The NDF Risk Cover Scheme is underwritten and administered by Namforce Life Insurance Limited, a Namibian Financial Services Company, registered with Namfisa to provide Insurance Cover in respect of life insurance.

    • All premium paying employees of NDF or the Ministry of Defence and their immediate family members qualify for cover from the scheme. Immediate family includes the spouse and children of the members of NDF. The scheme is compulsory for all NDF employees and the cover is provided on a group scheme basis.

    • In an event of a death or disability of the covered members the following benefits are payable

      Main Member N$ 10,000 N$ 30,000 N$ 40,000
      Insured Spouse N$ 10,000
      Eligible Child
      Age 14 to 21 N$ 4,000
      Age 6 to 13 N$ 2,500
      Age 0 to 5 N$ 1,000
    • HOW AND WHEN ARE THE BENEFITS PAYABLE? In an event of a death of a main member, and upon receiving a claim, the benefit, consisting of the funeral benefit of N$10,000 and death benefit of N$30,000.00 respectively, will be paid to:

      • The spouse or;
      • A person nominated as a beneficiary by the member in writing or;
      • If the member has not nominated such a person, to a person, as specified by the insurers, together with the employer, and who in the opinion of the insurer and employer is a family member or a factual or legal dependent of the insured person, in respect of whom the claim has been lodged.
      • If the specific person is unable to take care of his/her affairs or is a legal minor, then payment will be made to an individual or institution legally appointed to take care of such a person's affairs.
      • If for a period of more than 12 months, the employer and insurer are unable to trace the beneficiary of such a claim, the death benefit may be paid to the insured persons estate.
      • The funeral and death benefits are payable within 48 hours of the insurer receiving a fully completed claim form with all the required supporting documents. Death benefit is payable upon receipt of all required documents.
      • The disability benefit is payable once the insurer has received medical confirmation that a member is eligible for the said benefit. All payments are made by means of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
    • Currently the employer(s) is required to pay on behalf of a policyholder a Monthly Premium of N$ 110 in respect of each member. The premium is deducted from a member's monthly salary and is payable in advance on the first day of each month.

    • Memberships of the scheme ceases in an event that a member is no longer an employee of either the NDF or the Ministry of Defence, either due to death, disability, resignation or retirement. (Retirement refers to Early, Normal or Late retirement, as per NDF Human Resource Policy and the Public Service Act No.13 of 1995 as amended).

    • The employer, on the behalf of a member, spouse, dependent or a nominee, should submit a claim to the insurer on a prescribed claim form. The claim form needs to be accompanied by all the necessary documents as indicated on the claim form. Therefore members (or insured spouse, dependants or beneficiaries) are required to approach the employers Human Resource department for purpose of lodging a claim.


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